Applied Model C/D/E(peanut eye) to Applied Model F/G
Face Lift Kit

Kit is including
Head Light Support set
Bumper Stay set
Fender Stay set

Needed OEM parts are here)

A work process example

Take off bonnet, front bumper, fenders and head lights.
Cut radiator support to avaoid head light touch to radiator support.

Add on fender stay to install new fender.(red arrow)

Remove stay of power steering oil cooler 10mm to lower point.

Cut bumper reinforcement at line.
Make sure and adjust that not touch the bumper and reinforcement.

Install bonnet and fenders and then make sure the position of hole(red arrow).
Install head light support with rivets on radiator support,
Take off a fenders and use rivet at fenderside.

Cut pin of a headlight at red arrow.
Process a wiring and make sure headlight trun on.

Locate a bumper bonnet fender and locate a headlight andmake holes on body side to install head light,
Use bolt and nut to install head lights.

applied model C/D/E applied model F/G 



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