Since its establishment in 1986 in the city of Osaka, Chargespeed has been Japan's top quality manufacturer of  body kits and other car performance accessories, parts, and decorative items. Our staff members have almost 20 years of experience in the production of these specialty parts. In Japan, we have our own facilities where we design and manufacture master models and tooling molds.  

We invite overseas customers to export our high quality products and OEM direct from our factory, where a Japanese manager is in constant attendance. By controlling the quality piece by piece, this manager maintains the Chargespeed standard, considered the highest even in the discriminating Japanese market. 

The prices you'll find in our web catalog are all retail prices for the Japanese market. We have special export prices for overseas customers.


Advance Staff Co., Ltd. / head office

1-13-7 Yuhigaoka Toyonaka Osaka 561-0864 Japan

+81-6-6848-6488/tel              +81-6-6849-8962/fax


Advance Staff Co., Ltd. / warehouse and call center

Yo 85-2 Ataka Komatsu Ishikawa 923-0003 Japan                           

+81-761-20-2521/tel              +81-761-24-2446/fax

Advance Staff Co., Ltd. / design department

1-13-7 Yuhigaoka Toyonaka Osaka 561-0864 Japan                                

+81-6-6848-6480/tel              +81-6-6849-8962/fax 

Inoue Giken

645-16 Kamitoyoura Nishiyuki Azuchi Oumihatiman Shiga 521-1341 Japan





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